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Monday Coffee Break: The Best of the Weekend ~ Festive Holiday Appetizers

Hello Lovies, and welcome to this weeks Monday Coffee Break. This weekend I was all about appetizers. As soon as Halloween was over, I immediately started thinking about Thanksgiving. Now, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE cooking for the holidays. LOVE.  One of my favorite parts is making the menu…and my favorite part of making the menu is choosing the appetizers. WHY, You ask?

Because you can really play jazz with the appetizers. People might be sorely dissapointed if a traditional side dish is missing, or God forbid the giant bird (clearly I have a dislike/hate relationship with making the turkey. Honestly, I think it just stems from boredom. If any of my lovely readers have a suggestion about how I can revive this relationship, please, please drop me a line!).  On the other hand, I find guests to be pretty open to different appetizers. That said, I found some really tasty finds over the weekend. Let the drooling begin!

First up, this scrumptious Cranberry Cream Crostini from What’s Cooking with Ruthie. The tanginess of the cream cheese married with the tartness of the cranberry sounds amazing. I’d like to eat these right now (BTW, it’s 7:30 AM here, and Yes, I am always thinking about food). These definitely grabbed a spot on my Thanksgiving menu.

Next up are these Smoked Gorgonzola Rosemary Cheese Balls from Knead to Cook. I can’t even talk about the cuteness of these. How amazing would they look on a beautiful holiday table spread? And the taste? It’s gotta be good with the combo of smoked gorgonzola and earthy rosemary. YUM.

How about this Golden Beet Tart From the folks at Country Living Magazine? This feels very holiday to me, and oh so French (you will soon learn that I am a complete Francophile.) AND…this recipe only has five ingredients. Love it.

Now, I’m going to ask you a very serious question, who doesn’t like cheese? These adorable and deliscous-looking Homemade Cheese Sticks from The Cooking Adventure  want to answer that question by saying, “how can anyone not like me?” These would look so pretty on a table in festive containers or even by a drink station as a cocktail snack. I’ll definitely be making these (can I make these instead of the turkey? no? Darn it.)

And last, but not least, this twist on the classic stuffed mushroom. These Spinach Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms from The Curvy Carrot  seem like the perfect combo of a favorite dip and a favorite classic appetizer. Their ingredients make them classic, while their combination keeps them fresh. Lookin’ good mushrooms!

I hope you enjoyed these appetizer finds. If you decide to try any for your holiday feasts, or your regular, everyday feasts, let me know, I’d love to hear from you, my friends in the land of all things delicious.

Stop by on Thursday as I very gratefully accept this award that I was nominated for by the lovely Christina from Small Kitchen Chronicles.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite blogs and foodie havens, as well as some facts about my self. YIKES!

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3 comments on “Monday Coffee Break: The Best of the Weekend ~ Festive Holiday Appetizers

  1. Hey, Miss Rebekah!

    I completely agree with you — you can really play jazz with the appetizers. Mess with the peeps’ side dishes though and it’s borderline coup, lol.

    And sweet mother Mary … Smoked Gorgonzola Rosemary Cheese Balls?! Just thinking about how they would taste almost made me cry.

    They also got me to thinking about other awesome flavor combos … one of my favorite snacks ever is a perfectly-ripe pear (Bartlett and D’Anjou, particularly) with some good, French artisan blue cheese. Now, as a Francophile, I am sure you can totally appreciate this. I am not even a fan of blue cheese, but paired with a fresh, sliced pear, it’s so good, I could eat it all day. It’s awesome.

    Oh, and I hear ya lady, I am always thinking about food too =)

    Thanks so much for the shout-out — it really was my pleasure — you are most deserving of it =)

    Look forward to Thursday! Have a great week ’til then and talk soon …

    • rebekahgg
      November 5, 2012

      Christina, it’s so funny you mentioned the pears and blue cheese. I adore Bartletts and a Delish Roquefort blue. Actually, last week my husband and I ate toasted baguette, sliced pears, and a yummy triple cream for dinner. It doesn’t get any easier, or tastier than that!
      Talk soon, have a great week!

      Can’t wait to see what you make for Wednesday’s post :)

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